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Welcome to Soul Sync Mindful Living Planner, where we're all about helping you live your best life.

Our planner isn't just a tool - it's like a friend cheering you on as you reach for your dreams

It's designed to help you be more aware of yourself and what you want. With daily reflections, gratitude reminders, and goal-setting pages, it guides you toward what matters most.


Weekly Agenda is your compass, helping you prioritize tasks aligned with your goals. Use this space to plan mindfully, ensuring your time is spent on what truly matters.

Weekly Reflection section invites you to pause, celebrate achievements, face challenges with resilience, and learn from each experience.



Set your intentions for the year with dedicated sections for big goals, wishlists, and travel aspirations. Write a letter to yourself about what you hope for in the future.


And don't forget to celebrate your achievements as you go along!

Each month, be inspired by quotes from famous women, set achievable goals, and track them through our intuitive weekly agendas. Reflect on your journey with monthly and weekly reflections, empowering you to celebrate victories and learn from challenges.

Nurturing Your Mind, Body, and Soul


Softtouch Handcover

800 mg premium paper

Start any month, 264 pages

Available in 3 languages

Created & Printed in Germany


Yearly goals, Wishlist, Travel wishlist

Letter to Future Self, Gratitude Journal, Wheel of Life, 30-days Challenges, Soul soother & Proud Moments, Pages for Self-Care Routine


Self-Care and Wellness

Guided journaling

Therapy aspects

Self-Care components

Happiness and Positivity elevation



Keep track of your habits to help you grow. Every time you mark off a day, you'll see how staying consistent can make a big difference in how you live.


Take a moment to think about how you're feeling, good or bad. Understanding your emotions helps you take better care of yourself.



Keep an eye on your physical health, like drinking enough water and staying active. This checklists helps you take care of your whole self.

Let these pages be like friends helping you live more mindfully, giving you ideas and structure, and reminding you of how strong you are.

Prioritize your well-being with our monthly habits checklist, self-care tracker, and emotional/mental well-being checklist. Nurture yourself as you navigate the demands of career, personal growth, and mindful living.

20 Reviews


Sofia, CH

Verified purchase

"The Soul Sync has transformed my daily routine, bringing balance and joy into every aspect of my life!"

Anna, DE

Verified purchase

"This planner is a game-changer! It helps me stay organized, focused, and connected to my goals. Highly recommend!"

Natalia, AT

Verified purchase

"It's more than a planner; it's a guide to intentional living. It's made a significant impact on my productivity and happiness."

Emma, DE

Verified purchase

"I've tried numerous planners, but Soul Sync Mindfill Living Planner stands out. It's beautifully designed, practical, and motivates me to pursue my dreams."

Camille, FR

Verified purchase

"Finally found a planner that aligns with my values and supports my well-being."

Maria, DE

Verified purchase

"Thank you for helping me to stay  organised and maintaining a positive mindset. It's a true game-changer!"

Klara, DE

Verified purchase

"This planner exceeded my expectations. It seamlessly integrates productivity and mindfulness, making each day more fulfilling."

Isabella, IT

Verified purchase

"I'm in love with my Soul Sync Planner!"

Leria, FR

Verified purchase

"It's intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and has brought a sense of purpose to my daily routine."

Zoe, NL

Verified purchase

"This planner has become my go-to tool for achieving work-life balance."

Mia, FT

Verified purchase

"Since using the Soul Sync Mindfill Living Planner, I've felt more organized, focused, and in control of my life. It's a must-have for anyone on a journey to happiness."

Mila, FR

Verified purchase

"This planner has made me more mindful and intentional in my daily actions."

Olivia, UK

Verified purchase

"I've tried many planners, but none compare to the transformative power of Soul Sync Mindfill Living Planner. It's a daily reminder to live with purpose and joy."

Amelie, AT

Verified purchase

"This Planner has helped me create a life that aligns with my values. It's a fantastic tool for achieving both personal and professional success."

Ingrid, DE

Verified purchase

"I just love it!

Ana, AT

Verified purchase

"Soul Sync has a special place in my heart. It's not just a planner; it's a positive force that has elevated my daily life and mindset."

Crafted with care, our planner boasts a handmade touch, ensuring each page is a canvas for your aspirations.

The 264 pages offer ample space for your thoughts, dreams, and plans. Join a community of women embracing the art of mindful living.

Elevate your journey with Soul Sync, your companion on the path to a more conscious, intentional, and fulfilling life.

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